The extractive sector in Tanzania and East Africa in general is expanding and projected to be a major contributor to the national economy and rural livelihoods. Despite this potential, the sector experiences a range of challenges including environmental, social, cultural, and human rights which all negatively affect equitable sharing of the benefits accrued from the sector. Additionally, there is inadequate knowledge and skills for communities to meaningfully participate in the decision across the value chain of the extractive sector. This demands for industry specific skills and knowledge development for emerging community-based leaders and practitioners who can engage effectively in the extractive sector governance.

Drawing lessons from the global and regional capacity building initiatives, East Africa and Tanzania in particular need to develop their own localized capacity building model. This will increase relevance and legitimacy within country and sub national context as well as encourage uptake by key stakeholders. Working with the alumni of international training programs as facilitators of this course, will have a multiplier effect and trickle down of skills and knowledge to the community level.

HakiRasilimali and MS-TCDC (conveners) have co-created a course that will result in the ability of extractive host communities to push for demand side driven advocacy agendas hence influencing sector Policies and Practices.

The first class is slated for 21st September to 2nd October 2020 at MS-TCDC, Arusha-Tanzania.   

Participants (criteria for selection, profile, geographical scope, gender) 

The course targets community-based practitioners working on or interested in extractive related issues. The participants will be selected based on a minimum criterion such as proof of one being;

  1. Representatives from the extractives host communities;
  2. Representing a gender or special interest group;
  • Having proven record of presence in the targeted community;
  1. Having proven interest working in the extractives;
  2. Holding a leadership role in the community;
  3. Considered having influence in the community;
  • Ability to read and write in English/Swahili, among others.
  • All interested candidates wishing to apply please click in the link below.  before 3rd September 2020

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