HakiRasilimali (HR) is a platform of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) incorporated as a non-profit company working on strategic issues around minerals, oil and gas extraction in Tanzania envisaging to become more effective in influencing extractive industries related policies, laws practices in the country. The platform is also affiliated to Publish What You Pay (PWYP), a global membership-based coalition of civil society organizations (CSOs) in over forty countries united in their call for an open and accountable extractive sector.

HR wishes to engage a consultant to undertake the research titled “Engendering the Mining Sector in Tanzania: To What Extent are Women Benefiting or Loosing Out in Revenue Management”. See TOR

Overall Objective: To examine the extent to which different social groups in Tanzania (women specific) are benefiting or losing out based on the existing mining revenue collection, allocation and distribution mechanism/process.

Reporting to: HakiRasilimali

Bid Documents:  All interested and motivated individuals/institutions are invited to apply. The proposals should contain the following information:

  1. Name of consultant bidding and his/her CV or company profile (including Tax Identification Number and VAT registration in case of company).
  2. Technical and financial proposals for undertaking the analysis (a brief outline of the consultant’s understanding of the assignment)
  3. Sample of your work related to the subject matter and name of the organizations you have worked with (profile)

Mode of application: 

All applications should be submitted to HakiRasilimali no later than 04th December 2020 to the email address:  research@hakirasilimali.or.tz and project1@hakirasilimali.or.tz Application materials will be retained by HakiRasilimali and cannot be returned.

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