Tender No. HR/17/12/2021/001

Background Information

HakiRasilimali (HR) is a platform of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) originally incorporated under CAP 212 on February 2017 and now registered under terms and conditions of non-Governmental Organizations Act 2002 with Registration No 00NGO/R2/00074, working on strategic issues around minerals, oil and gas extraction in Tanzania envisaging to become more effective in influencing extractive industries related policies, laws practices in the country. The platform is also affiliated to Publish What You Pay (PWYP), a global membership-based coalition of civil society organizations (CSOs) in over forty countries united in their call for an open and accountable extractive sector. 

HakiRasilimali wishes to engage a competent and qualified audit firm to carry its Annual Audit for the year 2021

Contract Duration: 1 year

Working station: Dar es Salaam. 

Nature of the work: Consultancy Service.  

Purpose of the Service: To obtain reasonable assurance that the financial statements reflect a true and fair view of the financial position of the organization. The audit shall be performed in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) and International Standards of Auditing (“ISA”) and will include such tests and controls as the auditor considers necessary under the circumstances. In conducting the audit, special attention should be paid to the following:

  1. All donor funds have been used in accordance with the conditions of the relevant donor funding agreements and only for the purpose for which the funding was provided.

  2. Goods and services have been procured in accordance with the relevant funding agreement and organisation’s operations and manual.

  3. All necessary supporting documents, records, and accounts have been kept in respect of the organisation’s activities in accordance with the organisation’s operations and finance manual.

  4. The organisation’s accounts have been prepared in accordance with consistently applied International Financial Reporting Standards.

  5. The organisation has an internal control structure and other control systems to provide reasonable assurance that it is managing its resources in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, organisation’s policies and procedures.

Terms of Reference: Key duties and Responsibilities

  1. The audit firm has to carry out the audit of books of accounts to verify the utilization of funds in implementing HakiRasilimali programs.

  2. The audit of accounts of HakiRasilimali is to be carried out for the utilization of funds from January 1st, 2022 to December 31st, 2022.

  3. The audit will have to be conducted on the sample test check basis. The test check will be a minimum of 10% of the total amount utilized.

  4. To assess and report on the receipt of funds disbursed by donors

  5. To check that the HakiRasilimali funds have been utilized according to the HakiRasilimali financial regulations.

  6. HakiRasilimali uses QuickBooks Accounting system for its operations and audit shall be carried out accordingly.


  1. The Independent Auditors (Opinion) Report on the financial statements

  2. Management letter to include a statement of audit findings and recommendations affecting the financial statements, internal control, accounting systems, legality of actions, and any other material matters.

Key Qualifications and Experience 

  1. The Audit firms bid for this tender must demonstrate to have an adequate experience in Auditing Civil Society Organisations.

  2. The firms shall have qualified auditors with relevant experience and engaged in full time Audit work. A list of full time employed auditors with their complete bio-data, who are likely to be assigned the audit work to be enclosed.

  3. The firms must be registered with NBAA and quote their registration number.

How to apply: – 

If you fit the above criteria, you are invited to submit the following: (a) a cover letter clearly stating in 200 words or less for tender you are applying including Name of the Firm; Contact Person(s)/Authorized signatories; Registered Address; Tel No./Fax No; Name of the Chief Executive; Legal status of the Firm; Date of incorporation/Registration no. of NBAA; Details of Partners (I.e., Name of Partners, Age of Qualification Full time/Part-time, Experience); Number of Qualified Staff (CPA); List of Assignments handled in last 5 years; Organizational Chart (to be enclosed) (b) expected consultant fee for Assignment (c) an updated Firm Profile.

All applications should be submitted to HakiRasilimali no later than 14th January, 2022 to the email address: info@hakirasilimali.or.tz Application materials will be retained by HakiRasilimali and cannot be returned; only shortlisted firms will be contacted for further procedures. 

Download the advert document here

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