CSO representatives to the 4th TEITI MSG (2019-2022)

HakiRasilimali is pleased to announce to the public  that  on 9th and 10th September 2019, CSO working in the extractive sector were able to undertake election/ nomination process  for their representatives in the 4th TEITI Multi-Stakeholder Group to serve in the period of 2019-2022. The CSO election process was guided by the Tanzania Extractive Industries […]

Extractive resources-industrialisation linkages: Opportunities, challenges and lessons for Tanzania

Research Report: EXTRACTIVE RESOURCES-INDUSTRIALIZATION LINKAGES,OPPORTUNITIES, CHALLENGES AND LESSONS FOR TANZANIA According to its Development Vision 2025, Tanzania envisions a middle-income economy that will have been transformed from a low productivity agricultural economy to a semi-industrialized one led by modernized and highly productive agricultural activities which are effectively integrated and buttressed by supportive industrial and service activities […]


The Tanzania’s extractive sector (oil, minerals and natural gas) is an important sector that is critical in catalyzing the country’s economic growth. Available statistics indicate that the sector accounts for almost 5 per cent (2018)of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) while National Development projections estimates show that by 2025 the extractive sector’s contribution to the […]

HakiRasilimali – PWYP recognition of the Government efforts to enhance transparency and accountability in the Extractive sector

HakiRasilimali continues to applaud efforts by the government through the Minister of Minerals and TEITI, by recognizing civil society organisations (CSO) contribution in their role to advocate for transparency and accountability in the mining, oil and natural gas sectors. In particular, noteworthy developments warrant mention CSOs in various spaces, for instance through the Tanzania Extractive […]

Jukwaa la Uziduaji Communique 2018

The Tanzania Extractive Industries Conference 2018 (Jukwaa La Uziduaji) was organized by HakiRasilimali and its member organizations. For 2018, this conference was part of the broader CSO week that slated from 22-26 October 2018.Under the theme Industrialization Drive in Tanzania: People, Policy and Practice.” The week’s theme focused on ‘People’ to ensure that industrialization drive and processes focus […]

Tanzania Extractive Industries Conference 2017-#TEIC2017

The Tanzania Extractive Industries Conference- TEIC is the principle space for CSOs working on  strategic issues around mining, oil and natural gas extraction with other relevant stakeholders  meet to critically discuss, exchange experiences, and learn from one another in order to advance transparency and accountability agenda in extractive industries in Tanzania. For the First time, […]