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Tanzania Extractive Industries Conference 2017-#TEIC2017

The Tanzania Extractive Industries Conference- TEIC is the principle space for CSOs working on  strategic issues around mining, oil and natural gas extraction with other relevant stakeholders  meet to critically discuss, exchange experiences, and learn from one another in order to advance transparency and accountability agenda in extractive industries in Tanzania. For the First time, […]

Communique: Uganda-Tanzania Civil Society Convening on the East African Crude Oil Pipeline

Representatives of faith-based organizations, civil society organizations, community-based Organizations, local government, media and academics from Uganda, Tanzania, and International partners from Nigeria, Chad and the United States of America met on August 23-24, 2017 in Entebbe, Uganda to share information, experiences and lessons, and deliberate on the proposed East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). The […]

Report:Balancing Infrastructure Development and Community Livelihoods

Discovery of significant quantities of natural gas in Tanzania since 2010 has necessitated the construction of relevant infrastructure-pipelines, processing plants and gas to electricity plants-to monetize the resource. While the discovery presents enormous potential for lifting Tanzania out of poverty and improving energy security. Such infrastructure projects are also associated with risk to community livelihood. […]


Ndugu wanahabari, Tarehe 29 Juni 2017 Serikali ya Tanzania iliwasilisha miswada mitatu bungeni inayohusu sekta ya uziduaji kwa “Hati ya Dharura.”  Miswada hiyo ni Sheria ya Mapitio na Majadiliano kuhusu Masharti Hasi katika Mikataba ya Maliasili za Nchi wa Mwaka 2017; Sheria ya Mamlaka ya nchi kuhusu Umiliki wa Maliasili wa mwaka 2017; na Sheria […]