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HakiRasilimali is affiliated with Publish What You Pay (PWYP), a global membership-based coalition of CSOs united in their call for an open and accountable extractive sector so that oil, gas and mining revenues improve the lives of women, men and youth in resource-rich countries and that extraction is carried out responsibly that benefits countries and their citizens. HakiRasilimali’s membership in PWYP is an institutional commitment to the global transparency agenda.

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This is a HakiRasilimali online model dialogue produced and broadcasted live via its YouTube Channel. The main objective is to enhance evidence-based dialogues that will ensure responsiveness of duty bearers to citizens on issues related to transparency and accountability in the extractive sector.

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Extractive Sector Knowledge Transfer Incubator (ESKi) – Tanzania is a capacity enhancement program tailored to nurture the next line of community based civil society leaders and practitioners (from the local government authorities, media and other fraternity) engaging in extractive governance to amplify citizen voices in influencing policies and practices in the extractive sector

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HakiRasilimali aims at enhancing evidence-based debates, decision making, and responsiveness of duty bearers to citizens on issues related to transparency and accountability related to revenue and impact management of extractives.

And for that reason we are constantly researching and analyzing different critical areas of the extractive industry, and publish our findings.

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The Implication of Extractive Sector Fiscal Regime to the Economy: A Case of the Mining Sub-sector in Tanzania

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Latest news from extractive industry in Tanzania

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