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Since 2016 Hakirasilimali has engaged in extractive governance and accountability advocacy with demonstrable success and sees the value of expanding its membership to new members that may be interested in collectively working towards achieving good governance of the extractive sector.

It is for this purpose that this criteria has been developed to define the eligibility of applicants, to facilitate assessment of their ability and added value to the mission, vision and values of Hakirasilimali-PWYP.

Membership will be open to Civil Society Organizations, Coalitions, Networks, Academic and research institutions who meet the criterion as outlined below…

The criteria for membership of HakiRasilimali-PWYP:
  1. The applicant’s organizational objective and work must be in line with the principles values, mission and vision of Hakirasilimali / PWYP.
  2. Applying organizations must be legally registered/ incorporated in Tanzania and has been in existence for a minimum of 2 years from date of registration.
  3. Relevance, interest and competence: The organisation, non-state actor or private interest network of institutions must be working on extractive industries. Or, some of its core activities of the interested coalition/organisation must relate directly to the extractives industries transparency or extractive good governance in general.
  4. The organisation should demonstrate evidence of documented work on promotion of best practices in the extractive industries such as championing transparency and accountability in extractive sector, capacity building, community mobilisation, research, public engagement, public litigation, environmental monitoring, revenue monitoring , monitoring of policy , laws, regulations of the sector etcetera.
  5. Organization must be able to demonstrate ability to participate consistently in Hakirasilimali-PWYP events and engagements and contribute or pool resources time, financial, personnel) to make joint events successful.
  6. The coalition/organization must have evidence of a demonstrable influence in civil society, its area of specialisation or its sub-constituency or community.
  7. The coalition/organisation must have evidence of demonstrable and functioning internal governance structures that emulate transparency and accountability. This includes producing audited accounts (from at least one of the previous two years). Other documents of the organisation may be available on request.
  8. The organisation has demonstrable experience engaging with government agencies at either central or local level for at least one year.
  9. The organisation should be zero tolerant to corruption and not have any documented integrity concerns.
Application Process
  1. Applying organizations that apply for membership must complete an application for membership in the form approved by the HakiRasilimali-PWYP Board.
  2. Applying organizations should submit their application and supporting documents via Hakirasilimali’s official email: and by post or courier or physically at Hakirasilimali’s official registered address.
  3. Upon receipt of application form, the applicant organization will receives a notification email that confirms receipt of application for membership within 14 working days and the results of the decision will be communicated to the applying organization immediately after the next board meeting.
  4. Application is then assessed by Hakirasilimali-PWYP Secretariat upon consultations with applying organization and existing members.
  5. Applications that meet all requirements and receive a favorable recommendation from the HakiRasilimali-PWYP secretariat will be submitted to the Board of Directors for discussion and approval or disapprove at the next Board meeting. The new members will be presented by the Board to the next Annual General Meeting.
  6. Following the Board’s review, the application is either pending, approved or denied and the applying organization is notified and in case of denial, reasons given.
Possible reasons for delay
  • Information provided by the applicant organization is incomplete.
  • Applicant fails to answer queries raised by the Secretariat in time.
  • Unsigned application forms.
Your Action

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