HakiRasilimali and MS TCDC (conveners) have co-created a course that will result in extractive host communities’ ability to push for demand-side driven advocacy agendas, hence influencing sectoral Policies and Practices.

A team of subject experts was involved in designing the course curriculum and modules, which were later validated by key stakeholders and trainers. We are excited to announce the program will commence on 21st September with a pilot class of 25 trainees, to 2nd October 2020 at MS TCDC, Arusha.

The modules for this course are; Fundamentals of Extractive Industry; Governance of the Extractives; Revenue Management of the Extractives; Extractives and Local Development; Human Rights and environmental impacts in the extractives; Transparency, Accountability, and Integrity in the extractives; artisanal and small-scale mining; Gender and other cross-cutting issues; Community-led policy advocacy; Communication and information dissemination technique. 

The program will be undertaken in-person for two (2) consecutive weeks. To ensure quality assurance, sustainability, and relevance, the conveners believe that the pilot class will serve not only to test the modules and general proposed methodology but also ensure equilibrium on ‘community-led advocacy’ demand and supply, among others.

Qualified sector experts will facilitate the modules. Also, trainees will have an opportunity to hear from Guest speakers, who will share practical advocacy experiences from the mining, oil, and natural gas sub-sectors.


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